Author Topic: Navigating around a house that constantly changes is absolutely creepy  (Read 767 times)


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I have to say I really enjoy this game.

I'm a Digital Media major, so I hope to make video games one day, especially ones like this! It's so original, and the atmosphere is flawless. Unfortunately, I can't finish the game because I came across a bug where in that room you have to turn off a lamp to reveal the door behind a painting or a clock, I can't remember.

I really hope this bug is resolved. I do have to say though that it does feels like the levels are rushed at times. You don't have any reason to linger around in the rooms because there's really nothing to be found. There is usually pretty much nothing in drawers of any interest. It'd be cool if we found more tenets of the life the artist had. Like, maybe pictures of the family, or something. Anything. Books, random pages of interest. I loved how the quote by Oscar Wilde was quoted in the beginning, and maybe more things like that could be found around the house. Looking through family scrapbooks would be really neat, and probably make the story a lot creepier. It's just a little hard to put yourself in his shoes because you don't know his family. I just think overall the rooms should be less rushed.

And I just have to say that I find it really frustrating that we can't jump over things like stacks of books that are only like... 5 inches high. It's just a little silly, and I really hope that jumping is implemented in the final version because movement should at least be a fun aspect of video games. In video games when I'm just in the process of going on a long walk, I tend to like pressing jump over and over until I get there. I just think it's a really important feature to have. I got really bored with Alien because it didn't have the feature, and I know I'm not the only one. The lack of ability to jump is not only annoying, but also makes the immersion experience fall very short.

Otherwise, I love this game. I tried out the trial, but I just absolutely had to buy the game after because it reminded me of Absentia especially with the opening doors. People say the storyline is cliche, and I can kind of see that. However, I've never seen it done in video games, so I don't think it matters. I'm in love with this game even though it has a lot of flaws for me because of its originality and execution. Imagine navigating through a house that constantly changes itself around you -- it makes the idea of escape absolutely hopeless. I'm so excited to finish this game... Please fix the bug I'm encountering so I can finish this game and find out what happened to the artist! Or tell me how to get around it!


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Re: Navigating around a house that constantly changes is absolutely creepy
« Reply #1 on: January 14, 2016, 01:21:12 PM »
Hey thanks for the kind words and some constructive criticism. We know that some rooms are quite hollow in terms of content, but we have made some adjustment to the game like lowering the amount of drawers to open. There is still a lot of places that you can open, but more often now there is something to find there.  We have also added more findeable objects.

The main protagonist is crippled, so it would be really silly for him to jump every other step.

We are still working on fixing bugs, it all should be fine in the final release version.