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Nightmare Poems
« on: November 05, 2015, 10:23:06 PM »
The Phantom Ballroom By: Frogg Corpse

Airs Chilling Breeze Haunting At The Glass
Crickets Group to Click As The Hours Pass
You Drop Down Your Mask
To Attend The Ball
Covering Insecurities
Every Measure of Your Flaw
Head's Tighten,Trimble
As Sound's Impede Your Thought
You Dance Around The Floor
As Silhouette's Grace the Wall
You Throw Upon Your Hood
As Tree Husks Crush To Creak
Roaming Fog Then Meddles, And Bites Your Iron Cheek's
Handshakes Vague, Accustom.
As Siren's Sing Their Score.
Finding It A Bit Too Strange.
 You're Solo On The Floor.
But You Glide And Dance, Enigmatic To The Cause
Your Shadows Cast an Audience For Laughter Swells The Hall
Spin and Spin You Dazzle, As they Talk and Chant.
Looming Under Crystal Moon
These Mask's Were Not Pretend
For the Fiddle's Played,
The Dobro's Dance Non Stop
All You Seen Was Applaud from Shadow's
As The Gallows Dropped.